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Welcome to the Luster PC Services information page. I am a premier provider of residential Computer Repairs, Troubleshooting, and Technical Support in the Central NJ area. My goal is to provide the very best PC services at very reasonable rates. I'm certainly not here to break your wallet.

I have a commitment to always deliver quality service, and to help make for a more enjoyable computing experience. I want you, the valued customer, to be happy.

Here is a list of some of my services. Please feel free to Contact me for more details.



Purchased a new PC for your home? I can install and configure your new computer system for you, including any peripheral devices. (Printer, Scanner, Digital Camera) I can get you up and running on your existing Internet connection, configure your email account(s) and then sit down with you and show you some of the in's and out's of your new purchase(s).



 Installations, upgrades and more. Luster PC Services is the way to go



  • Operating System Upgrades & Installations.
  • Anti-Virus & Security Software Installations.
  • Hard Drive Installations.
  • Memory Upgrades.
  • CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Video and Sound Card Installations.
  • Modem, USB, and Firewire Installations.
  • Power Supply Replacements.


  • Current rates do not include the cost of any hardware or software. I don't sell products, I sell my services. I can always recommend and purchase any hardware or software for you at the best price.





Has your PC been running sluggish? Has your Internet homepage suddenly changed on you? Have you seen an increasing amount of pop-up ads while surfing the Internet and you are now at your wits end? If so, you probably have been infected with Spyware and/or a computer virus. It's probably time to call in the pros. 


  • Current rates do not include the cost of any anti-virus or security software I might happen to purchase and install.
  • Because of the varying severities of most Spyware and virus outbreaks, and the time it can take to combat these outbreaks, all virus and Spyware removal will be done off-site. Not to worry, I am more than willing to travel to you to pick-up your PC or Laptop. (Within a Limited Travel Radius. Call for Details)



A computer virus or spyware has this guy down in the dumps. Time to call Luster PC Services



  • Scan disk to thoroughly analyze your hard drive for errors and problems.
  • Disk defragmentation.
  • Disk cleanup to free your PC of any unneeded files.
  • Registry scans to clean out any unneeded or obsolete registry entries.
  • Find and cleanup any unneeded startup programs and/or services.
  • Configure your PC for overall optimal performance.
  • Install any needed critical updates and/or patches.
  • Update device drivers. (if needed)





If you are currently using multiple PC's in your home and would like to share files, printers or even your Internet connection, I can make this all possible by networking these PC's together. I will then properly secure your network from outside intrusions, as well as show you some of the most common advantages of having your own home network.


  • Current rates do not include the cost of the hardware that will be needed. (Cable/DSL Router, Network Interface Cards and optional cables)
  • Internet sharing requires an existing high-speed Internet connection.
  • Current rates apply only to the networking of up to 2 computers. There will be an extra charge for any additional computer(s).



 Wireless Networking is the way to go these days. Luster PC Services can get you there

I currently accept the following methods of payment:

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